Snow,Snow,Snow I love you,but you need to go!!!!


Guity or Not?

ImageHow many of us are guilty of judging without a cause? I myself am guilty of it, and I am not proud of it. I have seen people dressed a certain way and wondered, darn, did she look in the mirror before she left? Now I realize we all are like walking books; we all have a story to be told. I feel that if we do not know the individual story, then we need to stop looking and judging. I went out to the grocery store one day with four children, and people were looking at us, which kind of made me uncomfortable, but then I thought, this is how it feels when people are staring at you and they do not know your story. I am a divorcee with four children. My ex-husband was my first love, and we had three beautiful children together our marriage lasted five years, but we had dated five years prior to marriage.

As people stared at me with my children I thought , you do not know my story. I thought, man … I want to be different, not always quick to judge a book by its cover. I am challenging you all to put yourselves in someone else’s shoes before being so quick to judge. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”Mathew7:1

Love or Lust?

How many of us have been caught up in the moment of how someone made us feel? I myself am guilty of that and now I realize in a few cases it was lust. Lust is when you are caught up in the physical versus the overall care for a person.Aww…. he makes me feel so sexy  in the heat of the moment and when it is over you all have nothing to talk about.

Love is unconditional it is warm and it never subsides. When someone loves you they can not wait to talk to you and find out how your day went. They are sad when you are sad  and they cry when you cry. Love does not hurt in other words it does not involve mental,physical or emotional abuse. Being in love is wonderful.

I think we should all challenge ourselves to see if we can take the time to allow the mental love to take place before the physical.The day that we dothis is the moment  we will not have wasted any more unneccessary time. According to Judith Orloff it is so common